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Team Performance Insights

Match Summary

In what was a dazzling showcase of football, Santos faced off against Oeste in the latest match of Club Friendlies 3. The date was etched into the hearts of football fans as January 13, 2024, became the day where these two teams locked horns in a match that had supporters on the edge of their seats. Without any sidelined players from either team, both squads were at full strength and demonstrated an exhilarating performance filled with moments that will be remembered for seasons to come.

With no last matches to influence the tactics, the coaches had a clean slate, presenting a game fueled purely by current form and strategy. The energy from the stands was electric, as fans were treated to a game where every pass, tackle, and shot was laced with passion and desire for victory. Santos, with the advantage of home turf, unleashed a relentless assault on Oeste's defense, while the visitors showed tenacity, countering with precision and threatening the home team's resolve.

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Missing Players - Santos

  • Alison (injury)
  • Jorge (injury)
  • Sandry (injury)
  • Felipe Jonatan  (injury)