Voluntari vs Turan AI Betting Tips

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Team Performance Insights

Match Summary

In an enticing encounter in the world of Club Friendlies 3, Voluntari welcomed Turan on the 10th of January, 2024. The match promised a delightful spectacle, with both teams stepping onto the pitch without previous match fatigue and with full squads at their disposal, facing off in a game that was sure to test their preparation during the off-season.

Spectators were keen to see how the teams would perform, given the absence of historical data from their last encounters. With no sidelined players to hinder the potential, each side had the opportunity to unleash their full strength and tactics in a bid to outdo one another. The stage was set for a display of pure footballing talent, where every pass, tackle, and goal would write the narrative of this friendly duel.

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Missing Players - Voluntari

  • George Merloi  (injury)

Voluntari Lineups

Starting XI
  • 1
    Octavian Vâlceanu
  • 24
  • 34
    Patricio Matricardi
  • 5
    Igor Armaş 
  • 27
    Radu Boboc
  • 22
    Vadim Rata
  • 4
    Ljuban Crepulja
  • 17
    Doru Andrei
  • 7
    Naser Aliji
  • 9
    Andrei Dumiter
  • 77
    Adam Nemec
Ognjen Mažić, Lukas Droppa, Mihai Răduț, Daniel Florea, Nicolae Carnat, Angelo Cocian, Ionut Andres, Roberto Voican, Bogdan Ștefan, Cristian Paz, Andrei Ciobanu,

Turan Lineups

Starting XI
  • 1
    Tarlan Ahmadli
  • 15
    Emmanuel Hackman
  • 6
    Bruno Prado
  • 14
    Slavik Alxasov
  • 11
    Aykhan Guseynov
  • 99
    Veysal Rzayev
  • 88
    Faiq Hacıyev
  • 3
    Tarlan Guliyev
  • 7
  • 10
    Xayal Nacafov
  • 80
    John Otto John
Shahriyar Aliyev, Belajdi Pusi, Aydin Bayramov, Denis Marandici, Eltun Turabov, Sadiq Quliyev, Cavid Qasimov, Farid Nabiyev, Martin Petkov, Sadiq Shafiyev,