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Team Performance Insights

Match Summary

In a fascinating encounter filled with the raw passion of the beautiful game, Sepsi locked horns with Magdeburg in what was an enthralling match-up in the Club Friendlies 3 league. The date was the 8th of January, 2024, a day etched in the memories of fans who witnessed a game that encapsulated the spirit of football. With both sides coming into the game without the burden of past performances, as their last match details were not on record, the match offered an unpredictable canvas waiting to be painted by the boots of eager players.

Neither team was hampered by sidelined players, allowing both managers to field their strongest line-ups in an undiluted showcase of their team's capabilities. As the whistle blew, Sepsi, with the advantage of home support, sought to impose their play style early on. On the other side, Magdeburg, undeterred by the away conditions, was ready to prove their might on foreign soil. The exchange was a ballet of strategy and physical prowess, with every pass, tackle, and shot charged with the anticipation of fans ready to erupt in joy or despair.

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Missing Players - Magdeburg

  • Julian Pollersbeck (injury)
  • Stefan Korsch (injury)
  • Jan Luca Schuler (injury)

Sepsi Lineups

Starting XI
  • 33
    Roland Niczuly
  • 25
    Bogdan Oteliță
  • 4
    Ákos Kecskés
  • 13
    Denis Ciobotariu
  • 3
    Florin Stefan
  • 59
    Sherif Kallaku
  • 6
    Nicolae Păun
  • 11
    Marius Ștefănescu
  • 10
    Cosmin Matei
  • 97
    Roland Varga
  • 18
    Pavol Šafranko
Dinu Moldovan, Jonathan Rodriguez, Ion Gheorghe, Vitalie Damaşcan, Darius Oroian, Denis Renta, David Popsa, Mihai Bălașa, Rajmund Niczuly, Adnan Aganović, Branislav Niňaj, Gabriel Debeljuh, Hunor Botond Gedő, Mario Rondon,

Magdeburg Lineups

Starting XI
  • 1
    Dominik Reimann
  • 6
    Daniel Elfadli
  • 15
    Tobias Müller
  • 11
    Mo El Hankouri
  • 7
    Herbert Bockhorn
  • 24
    Jean Hugonet
  • 29
    Amara Condé
  • 37
    Tatsuya Ito
  • 9
    Luc Castaignos
  • 23
    Barış Atik
Cristiano Piccini, Andi Hoti, Jamie Lawrence, Ahmet Arslan, Connor Krempicki, Jonah Fabisch, Alexander Nollenberger, Leon Bell Bell, Xavier Amaechi, Silas Gnaka, Noah Kruth, Tarek Chahed,