Dinamo Zagreb vs Triglav AI Betting Tips

7 - 0

Pressure Index

    Live Stats

    • 7
    • 70%
    • Goal Attempts
    • 0
      Shots Total
    • 13
      Shots On Target
    • Shots Inside Box
    • Shots Outside Box
    • Key Passes
    • Fouls
    • Yellow Cards
    • Red Cards
    • Passes
    • Duels Won

    Match Summary

    In a thrilling display of football, Dinamo Zagreb faced off against Triglav in the exhilarating realm of Club Friendlies 3 this past 10th of January, 2024. The matchup promised to be a vibrant showcase of skill, with both teams eager to leave their mark on the field and demonstrate their prowess in the absence of last match data to set any precedents. Fans were perched on the edge of their seats, watching with bated breath as players commandeered the pitch with swift footwork and strategic playmaking. With no sidelined players from either team, the squads were at full strength, which meant we were in for an unadulterated and fierce contest of football.

    The match was a tantalizing affair, with each team battling to assert their dominance. The home advantage for Dinamo Zagreb pulsed through the crowd, creating an energetic atmosphere that spurred their players to dig deep. Triglav, unwavering and resolute, rose to the occasion, matching their opponents' intensity, and giving the spectators a gripping encounter filled with moments of sheer brilliance. As the final whistle echoed, it was clear that this was more than just a game; it was a testament to the spirit and passion that drives Club Friendlies 3.

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    Missing Players - Dinamo Zagreb

    • Boško Šutalo (injury)
    • Mahir Emreli (injury)
    • Jakov Anton Vasilj (injury)
    • Luka Stojković (injury)
    • Lukas Kačavenda (injury)

    Dinamo Zagreb Lineups

    Starting XI
    • 33
      Ivan Nevistić
    • 15
      Moreno Živković
    • 28
      Kévin Théophile-Catherine
    • 55
      Dino Perić
    • 14
      Robert Ljubičić
    • 5
      Arijan Ademi
    • 27
      Josip Mišić
    • 77
      Dario Špikić
    • 10
      Martin Baturina
    • 72
      Gabriel Vidović
    • 9
      Bruno Petkovic
    Danijel Zagorac, Maxime Bernauer, Sandro Kulenović, Fran Brodić, Tibor Halilovic, Petar Sučić, Takuro Kaneko, Noa Mikić, Mauro Perković, Gabrijel Rukavina, Borna Graonić,

    Triglav Lineups

    Starting XI
    • 1
      Tim Kruljac
    • 5
      Domen Spaic Lecnik
    • 2
      Bine Bernik
    • 41
      Tim Gašperin
    • 33
      Janko Ivetić
    • 76
      Tevž Pokorn
    • 10
      Mark Ceh
    • 11
      Kristian Dakic
    • 7
      Jaros Cadez
    • 17
      Tilen Mlakar
    • 20
      Goodnews Daniels
    Nedim Ljubijankic, Dejan Marjanovic,