Lausanne Sport vs FC Andorra AI Betting Tips

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Team Performance Insights

Live Stats

  • 0
  • 57%
  • Goal Attempts
  • 13
    Shots Total
  • 4
    Shots On Target
  • Shots Inside Box
  • Shots Outside Box
  • Key Passes
  • Fouls
  • 1
    Yellow Cards
  • 0
    Red Cards
  • Passes
  • Duels Won

Match Summary

In an enthralling matchup, Lausanne Sport welcomed FC Andorra for what promised to be a gripping encounter in the Club Friendlies 3 on August 1, 2024. Despite the setbacks of injuries sidelining pivotal players like Alvyn Sanches, Simone Grippo, and Chris Kablan, Lausanne Sport stepped onto the pitch with determination to showcase their depth and resilience. FC Andorra, not without their own challenges, missed the presence of the talented Christos Albanis due to injury, but were nonetheless ready to put forth a battle on foreign soil.

With both sides eager to establish dominance, the match saw end-to-end action that kept the fans on the edge of their seats. Tactical masterstrokes and individual brilliance were on full display, as each team fought valiantly for the win. The passion of the players reverberated through the stands, reflecting the high stakes of this thrilling friendly encounter. As the match unfolded, it was not just a test of skill, but also a testament to the spirit of the beautiful game.

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Missing Players - Lausanne Sport

  • Alvyn Sanches (injury)
  • Chris Kablan (injury)

Missing Players - FC Andorra

  • Christos Albanis (injury)

Lausanne Sport Lineups

Starting XI
  • 1
    Nico Ratti
  • 28
    Marc Bombardo
  • 3
    José Marsà
  • 4
    Álex Pastor
  • 2
    Migue Leal
  • 21
    Rubén Bover
  • 6
    Jandro Orellana
  • 10
    Iván Gil
  • 27
    Iker Benito
  • 44
    Aurélien Scheidler
  • 24
    Pablo Moreno
Adrià Vilanova, Julen Lobete, Sergi Samper, Jon Karrikaburu, Álvaro Martín, Sergio Molina, Diego Pampín, Álex Calvo, Álex Petxa, Anderson Arroyo, Dani Martín,

FC Andorra Lineups

Starting XI
  • 25
    Karlo Letica
  • 34
    Raoul Giger
  • 6
    Noë Dussenne
  • 12
    Gábor Szalai
  • 18
    Morgan Poaty
  • 10
    Olivier Custodio
  • 24
    Antoine Bernede
  • 22
    Samuel Kalu
  • 77
    Dominik Schwizer
  • 19
    Rares Ilie
  • 96
    Brighton Labeau 
Thomas Castella, Simone Grippo, Anel Husic, Stjepan Kukuruzovic, Kaly Sène, Mayka Okuka, Seydou Traoré, Ethan Brandy, Lorenzo Bittarelli, Dircssi Ngonzo, Mohsen Abdeljaoued,