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Team Performance Insights

Pressure Index

    Live Stats

    • 0
    • 50%
    • 12
      Goal Attempts
    • 15
      Shots Total
    • 3
      Shots On Target
    • Shots Inside Box
    • Shots Outside Box
    • Key Passes
    • 19
    • 1
      Yellow Cards
    • 0
      Red Cards
    • 0
    • Duels Won

    Match Summary

    In an enthralling display of international football, Guatemala played host to Iceland in a Friendly International that did not disappoint. Fans from both nations marked the date, 14th January 2024, as a day of electric atmosphere and passionate cheers that filled the air. Despite the sideline due to injuries of key players including Pedro Altán for Guatemala, and Hörður Magnússon, V. Lunddal Friðriksson, and Róbert Orri Þorkelsson for Iceland, both teams stepped onto the pitch with a fierce determination to claim victory.

    With each team vying to impose their style of play and seize control of the match, the encounter became a battleground where strategies were tested, and individual talents shone. The roar of the crowd intensified with every attack, and the suspense kept everyone on the edge of their seats until the final whistle. While neither team came off a recent match, the fresh energy was palpable, accentuating the competitive edge that only international friendlies can offer.

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    Missing Players - Iceland

    • Hörður Magnússon (injury)
    • V. Lunddal Friðriksson (injury)
    • Róbert Orri Þorkelsson (injury)

    Guatemala Lineups

    Starting XI
    • 1
      Nicholas Hagen
    • 22
      Diego Santis
    • 4
      José Carlos Pinto 
    • 16
      José Morales
    • 25
      Kevin Ruiz
    • 17
      Óscar Castellanos
    • 18
      Óscar Santis
    • 13
      Alejandro Galindo 
    • 5
      Marco Domínguez
    • 10
      Antonio López
    • 9
      José Carlos Martinez
    Erick González, Carlos Estrada, Cristian Jiménez, Jonathan Franco, José Espinoza, Darwin Lom, Marlon Sequén, Gabriel García, Gerardo Gordillo, Diego Bolaños, Elmer Cardoza,

    Iceland Lineups

    Starting XI
    • 1
      Hákon Rafn Valdimarsson
    • 15
      Dagur Dan Þórhallsson
    • 6
      Brynjar Ingi Bjarnason
    • 4
      Daníel Leó Grétarsson
    • 14
      Kolbeinn Finnsson
    • 19
      Eggert Aron Guðmundsson
    • 21
      Arnór Ingvi Traustason
    • 16
      Stefán Teitur Þórðarson
    • 10
      Birnir Snaer Ingason
    • 22
      Brynjólfur Darri Willumsson
    • 9
      Andri Gudjohnsen
    Logi Hrafn Róbertsson, Logi Tomasson, Sverrir Ingi Ingason , Kristall Máni Ingason, Andri Fannar Baldursson, Jason Dadi Svanthórsson, Patrik Gunnarsson, Lúkas Petersson, Kolbeinn Thordarson, Isak Snær Thorvaldsson, Hlynur Freyr Karlsson, Anton Logi Lúdvíksson,