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Team Performance Insights

Pressure Index

    Live Stats

    • 2
    • 70%
    • 7
      Goal Attempts
    • 9
      Shots Total
    • 5
      Shots On Target
    • 6
      Shots Inside Box
    • 3
      Shots Outside Box
    • 4
      Key Passes
    • 8
    • 1
      Yellow Cards
    • 0
      Red Cards
    • 596
    • 41
      Duels Won

    Match Summary

    In an eagerly anticipated Friendly International encounter, Sweden played host to Estonia on the 12th of January, 2024. The Swedish side, despite missing several key players such as Carl Starfelt and Victor Lindelöf due to injuries, demonstrated their depth and resilience in front of their home crowd. The side was also missing Jacob Ondrejka, Filip Dagerstal, C. Gustafsson, Jesper Karlsson, and Daniel Sundgren - a challenge that undeniably tested their squad's versatility.

    Estonia was not without its own hurdles, entering the match without the services of Rauno Sappinen, Erko Tougjas, Markus Soomets, and Taijo Teniste. Both teams last stepped onto the pitch without a previous match to set a recent form guide, making the outcome even more unpredictable and exciting for the fans in attendance.

    The clash was packed with tension, passion, and the kind of football magic only an international friendly can provide. The fans were treated to a display of tactics, endurance, and the will to win from both teams. As the final whistle blew, the scoreline told the story of a battle well-fought, with moments that will be etched in the memories of supporters for a long time to come.

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    Missing Players - Sweden

    • Filip Dagerstal  (injury)
    • C. Gustafsson (injury)
    • Jesper Karlsson  (injury)
    • Victor Lindelöf  (injury)
    • Carl Starfelt (injury)
    • Jacob Ondrejka (injury)
    • Daniel Sundgren (injury)

    Missing Players - Estonia

    • Rauno Sappinen (injury)
    • Erko Tougjas  (injury)
    • Markus Soomets (injury)
    • Taijo Teniste (injury)

    Sweden Lineups

    Starting XI
    • 1
      Oliver Dovin
    • 2
      J. Karlsson
    • 3
      H. Castegren
    • 4
      Anton Eriksson
    • 5
      S. Dahl
    • 8
      Anton Salétros
    • 6
      Armin Gigovic
    • 10
      Nahir Besara 
    • 7
      T. Ali
    • 9
      I. Kiese Thelin
    • 11
      S. Nanasi
    J. Widell Zetterström, Markus Karlsson, V. Larsson, Adam Carlén, Samuel Leach Holm, Oscar Pettersson, J. Persson, O. Rosengren, L. Bergvall, Rami Al Hajj, E. Ahlstrand, Samuel Brolin, O. Fallenius, Jesper Tolinsson, Kevin Ackermann,

    Estonia Lineups

    Starting XI
    • 22
      Karl Andre Vallner
    • 3
      Kristo Hussar
    • 4
      Marco Lukka
    • 21
      Nikita Baranov
    • 18
      Andreas Vaher
    • 13
      Nikita Mihhailov
    • 14
      Konstantin Vassiljev  
    • 23
      Kevor Palumets
    • 17
      Martin Miller
    • 25
      Ramol Sillamaa
    • 10
      Sergei Zenjov
    Kaur Kivila, Georg Pank, Mark Oliver Roosnupp, Rasmus Peetson, Edgar Tur, Mark Anders Lepik, Frank Liivak, Mihkel Ainsalu, Henri Perk, Robi Saarma, Robert Veering, Ken Kallaste, Nikita Vassiljev, Oskar Hoim,