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Team Performance Insights

Pressure Index

    Live Stats

    • 0
    • 50%
    • Goal Attempts
    • 10
      Shots Total
    • 3
      Shots On Target
    • Shots Inside Box
    • Shots Outside Box
    • Key Passes
    • Fouls
    • 0
      Yellow Cards
    • 0
      Red Cards
    • Passes
    • Duels Won

    Match Summary

    In an intriguing club-friendly clash, Koper took to the field against Osijek, offering a fascinating matchup without the pressure of league standings hanging in the balance. The date was January 13, 2024, a day that promised football fans a spectacle of strategy and skill. Despite the disadvantage of having key players sidelined due to injuries - Marko Malenica, Marko Barešić, Darko Nejašmić, and Kristian Fućak missing from the Osijek squad - the visitors brought an air of determination to prove their depth and resilience.

    The game unfolded as a testament to the tenacity of both teams, with Koper leveraging the home advantage, but Osijek undeterred by their absentees, battling with every ounce of their might. Without the historical data of recent performances to set any expectations, since the last matches of both teams weren't provided, the match became an unpredictable showcase of raw talent and footballing passion.

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    Missing Players - Osijek

    • Marko Malenica (injury)
    • Marko Barešić (injury)
    • Kristian Fućak (injury)

    Koper Lineups

    Starting XI
    • 1
      Jan Koprivec
    • 2
      Mark Pabai
    • 15
      Maj Mittendorfer
    • 3
      Michael Pavlovic
    • 20
      Ahmed Ankrah
    • 8
      Tino Blaž Lauš
    • 6
      Luka Vesner Ticic
    • 27
      Andraz Ruedl
    • 11
      Bede Osuji
    • 14
      Nardin Mulahusejnovic
    • 16
      Petar Petriško

    Osijek Lineups

    Starting XI
    • 38
      Franko Kolić
    • 17
      Šime Gržan
    • 28
      Slavko Bralić
    • 35
      Luka Zebec
    • 55
      Oleksandr Drambaev
    • 6
      Darko Nejašmić
    • 98
      Šimun Mikolčić
    • 40
      Ivan Baković
    • 23
      Petar Brlek
    • 24
      Filip Živković
    • 34
      Anton Matković