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Team Performance Insights

Match Summary

In an intense showdown on January 13th, 2024, WSG Tirol clashed with Schwaz in a gripping installment of the Club Friendlies 3. The match was thick with anticipation, not least because WSG Tirol had to contend without the services of their stalwart, Ferdinand Oswald, sidelined due to injury. Yet, even in the absence of key players, both teams were fearless in their pursuit of victory, creating an electrifying atmosphere that had fans on the edge of their seats.

The match had all the ingredients of a classic – relentless attacks, tactical maneuvers and a showcase of individual brilliance. With both WSG Tirol and Schwaz seeking to prove their mettle, the clash was more than a friendly. It was a statement of intent for the season ahead, fuelling the fires of rivalry and the passion of fans.

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Missing Players - WSG Tirol

  • Ferdinand Oswald (injury)