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Team Performance Insights

Match Summary

In an enticing clash of the Club Friendlies 3, Servette welcomed Hibernian to their home ground on a day that held a promise of football delight, the 1st of December, 2024. The home side entered the match with the disadvantage of being without key players David Douline, Enzo Crivelli, and Joël Mall, all sidelined due to injuries. Meanwhile, the visitors also faced their own personnel woes with the absence of Chris Cadden, leaving fans speculating on how Hibernian would adapt to the setback.

The match marked an important test for both squads as they sought to fine-tune their strategies and build team cohesion ahead of their respective upcoming seasons. No recent match data was available to predict the outcome, further intensifying the air of unpredictability and excitement amongst spectators. The game was a vibrant display of tactical prowess, stamina, and determination, with both teams fighting tooth and nail to dominate the field and impress their fans.

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Missing Players - Servette

  • David Douline (injury)
  • Enzo Crivelli (injury)
  • Joël Mall (injury)

Missing Players - Hibernian

  • Chris Cadden  (injury)