Winterthur vs Livingston AI Betting Tips

3 - 2


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Team Performance Insights

Live Stats

  • 3
  • 64%
  • Goal Attempts
  • 5
    Shots Total
  • 3
    Shots On Target
  • Shots Inside Box
  • Shots Outside Box
  • Key Passes
  • Fouls
  • Yellow Cards
  • Red Cards
  • Passes
  • Duels Won

Match Summary

In an exhilarating clash within the Club Friendlies 3, Winterthur faced off against Livingston on the 11th of January, 2024, delivering a spectacle worthy of the beautiful game. The absence of last match data did not deter fans from speculating about the outcome as both teams warmed up on the pitch, eager to showcase their talents and assert dominance. Winterthur entered the fray notably handicapped, missing key players Carmine Chiappetta, Alexandre Jankewitz, Musa Araz, and Neftali Manzambi due to injuries. With their depth tested, it was a chance for the home side reserves to step up and fill the void against a Livingston squad at full strength.

Without the historical context of a previous match, the game began with both teams carving out new stories on this field of dreams. Winterthur's spirit wasn't dampened by the sidelining of their players as they battled fiercely, pushing the narrative that every player's contribution is vital to the tapestry of a team's season. Meanwhile, Livingston, unhampered by injuries, looked to exploit the chinks in Winterthur's armour and capitalize on their full roster, making for a match teeming with strategy and ardour.

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Missing Players - Winterthur

  • Carmine Chiappetta (injury)
  • Alexandre Jankewitz (injury)
  • Musa Araz (injury)
  • Neftali Manzambi (injury)