Botafogo SP vs Noroeste AI Betting Tips

0 - 1

Match Summary

In a thrilling display of football, Botafogo SP and Noroeste clashed head-to-head in the Club Friendlies 3, showcasing their form ahead of the season. As the energy on the pitch mirrored the enthusiasm in the stands on the 7th of January 2024, both teams were locked in a battle for supremacy, despite the absence of Botafogo SP's Bernardo Schappo and Fillipe Soutto due to injuries. Both teams were entering the match without the baggage of previous results, with a clean slate to start their campaigns and plenty to prove.

The match was a roller-coaster from start to finish as both Botafogo SP and Noroeste committed to an open and attacking game, providing fans with end-to-end action. As the final whistle blew, spectators from both sides could take pride in their team's commitment and passion on the field.

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Missing Players - Botafogo SP

  • Bernardo Schappo (injury)
  • Fillipe Soutto (injury)

Botafogo SP Lineups

Starting XI
  • 31
    Álvaro Aceves Catalina
  • 14
    Miguel Llambrich
  • 4
    Dario Đumić
  • 5
  • 3
    Álex Martínez
  • 24
    David Timor
  • 17
    Jesús Clemente
  • 18
    Pedro Capó
  • 29
    Arnau Ortiz
  • 20
    Iván Chapela
  • 11
    Juanto Ortuño
Toni Abad, Carlos, Mario Soberón, Christian Montes, Derick Poloni, Andoni Zubiaurre, Joel Jorquera, Alex Bernal, Marc-Olivier Doué, Marc Mateu, Nacho Monsalve,

Noroeste Lineups

Starting XI
  • 1
    Lars Unnerstall
  • 20
    Joshua Brenet 
  • 38
    Max Bruns
  • 3
    Robin Pröpper
  • 5
    Gijs Smal 
  • 6
    Carel Eiting 
  • 14
    Sem Steijn
  • 18
    Michel Vlap
  • 10
    Naci Ünüvar
  • 9
    Ricky van Wolfswinkel
  • 7
    Mitchell van Bergen
Jort Ribbers, Harrie Kuster, Lucas Vennegoor of Hesselink, Benjamin Nagel, Sam Karssies,