Wehen Wiesbaden vs Sandhausen AI Betting Tips

2 - 1

Pressure Index

    Live Stats

    • 2
    • 50%
    • Goal Attempts
    • 13
      Shots Total
    • 4
      Shots On Target
    • Shots Inside Box
    • Shots Outside Box
    • Key Passes
    • Fouls
    • 1
      Yellow Cards
    • 0
      Red Cards
    • Passes
    • Duels Won

    Match Summary

    In an enthralling clash within the realm of Club Friendlies 3, Wehen Wiesbaden faced off against Sandhausen on the 6th of January, 2024. Without recent matches to use as a gauge, both teams arrived fresh, eager to showcase their skills and strategies on the field. Unfortunately, Sandhausen was dealt a challenging hand with a quartet of players sidelined due to injury. Joe-Joe Richardson, Lucas Laux, Rouwen Hennings, and Max Geschwill were all conspicuous by their absence, no doubt impacting the team's tactical flexibility.

    Despite the setbacks, Sandhausen was determined to overcome adversity, while Wehen Wiesbaden aimed to capitalize on their opponents' weakened squad. The whistle blew and a fierce competition ensued; each team demonstrating grit and the hunger for victory. The match featured a dynamic array of tactical prowess, heart-stopping moments, and the sheer passion of the beautiful game, leaving fans on the edges of their seats until the final whistle.

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    Missing Players - Sandhausen

    • Joe-Joe Richardson (injury)
    • Lucas Laux  (injury)
    • Rouwen Hennings (injury)
    • Max Geschwill (injury)
    • David Otto (injury)
    • Franck Evina (injury)

    Wehen Wiesbaden Lineups

    Starting XI
    • 16
      Florian Stritzel
    • 15
      Max Reinthaler 
    • 26
      Aleksandar Vukotic 
    • 29
      Lasse Günther
    • 4
      Sascha Mockenhaupt
    • 19
      Bjarke Jacobsen
    • 7
      Robin Heußer
    • 34
      Amar Catic
    • 8
      Nick Bätzner 
    • 14
      Franko Kovacevic
    • 18
      Ivan Prtajin

    Sandhausen Lineups

    Starting XI
    • 30
      Daniel Klein
    • 19
      Luca Zander 
    • 21
      Felix Göttlicher
    • 16
      Alexander Fuchs
    • 3
      Christoph Ehlich
    • 14
      Philipp Lambert
    • 15
      Alexander Mühling
    • 36
      Sebastian Stolze
    • 4
      Patrick Greil
    • 11
      Livan Burcu
    • 8
      Richard Meier
    Dennis Diekmeier  , Tim Maciejewski, Diamant Lokaj, Yassin Ben Balla, Jonas Weik,