Adelaide United vs Sydney AI Betting Tips

4 - 3


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Team Performance Insights

Goal Scoring Minutes

    Goal Conceding Minutes

      Pressure Index

        Live Stats

        • 4
        • 64%
        • Goal Attempts
        • 7
          Shots Total
        • 6
          Shots On Target
        • 7
          Shots Inside Box
        • 0
          Shots Outside Box
        • Key Passes
        • 4
        • 1
          Yellow Cards
        • 0
          Red Cards
        • 321
        • 45
          Duels Won

        Match Summary

        In a thrilling A-League Men's clash, Adelaide United hosted Sydney in a match that had football fans on the edge of their seats. The date was January 13th, 2024, a date now etched in the memory of those who witnessed the game, as both teams left it all on the pitch in pursuit of glory. Unfortunately for the home side, their ranks were notably thinned by injuries with Lachlan Barr, Panashe Madanha, Jay Barnett, Harry Van der Saag, and Musa Toure all sidelined, forcing Adelaide United to dig deep into their reserves.

        Sydney, not without their own concerns, stepped onto the pitch missing the talents of Wataru Kamijo due to injury. However, they were determined to capitalize on the weakened Adelaide United squad and sought to take the game by storm. The absence of recent match data for either team only added to the unpredictability of the encounter, raising the stakes and the hearts of fans in anticipation.

        In a game that surely lived up to the expectations of the A-League, both teams fought valiantly, carving out chances and assembling a spectacle that was nothing short of entertaining. The relentless pace, skillful plays, and strategic nuances displayed were a testament to the league and the passion it inspires.

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        A-League Men Standings

        • 6
          8 W
          3 D
          7 L
          33 - 30
          27 pts
        • 10
          Adelaide United
          5 W
          4 D
          9 L
          32 - 35
          19 pts

        Missing Players - Adelaide United

        • Lachlan Barr (injury)
        • Panashe Madanha (injury)
        • Jay Barnett (injury)
        • Musa Toure (injury)

        Missing Players - Sydney

        • Joel King (injury)
        • Robert Mak (injury)
        • Jack Rodwell (injury)
        • Aaron Gurd (injury)
        • Wataru Kamijo (injury)

        Adelaide United Lineups

        Starting XI
        • 1
          James Delianov
        • 43
          Giuseppe Bovalina
        • 41
          Alexandar Popovic
        • 8
        • 21
          Javi López
        • 22
          Ryan Tunnicliffe
        • 37
          Jonny Yull
        • 10
          Zach Clough
        • 26
          Ben Halloran
        • 66
          Nestory Irankunda
        • 9
          Hiroshi Ibusuki
        Ben Warland, Ryan Kitto, Luka Jovanovic, Luke Duzel, Joshua Cavallo, Austin Ayoubi, Steven Hall,

        Sydney Lineups

        Starting XI
        • 1
          Andrew Redmayne
        • 21
          Zachary de Jesus
        • 8
          Jake Girdwood-Reich
        • 15
          Gabriel Lacerda
        • 23
          Rhyan Grant
        • 26
          Luke Brattan
        • 25
          Jaiden Kucharski
        • 12
          Corey Hollman
        • 10
          Joe Lolley
        • 9
          Fábio Gomes
        • 17
          Anthony Caceres
        Jordan Courtney-Perkins, Patrick Wood, Matthew Scarcella, Mitchell Glasson, Adam Pavlesic, Max Burgess, Nathan Amanatidis,