Pisa vs Reggiana AI Betting Tips

2 - 2


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Team Performance Insights

Goal Scoring Minutes

    Goal Conceding Minutes

      Pressure Index

        Live Stats

        • 2
        • 64%
        • 11
          Goal Attempts
        • 17
          Shots Total
        • 8
          Shots On Target
        • 11
          Shots Inside Box
        • 6
          Shots Outside Box
        • 10
          Key Passes
        • 20
        • 7
          Yellow Cards
        • 0
          Red Cards
        • 529
        • 62
          Duels Won

        Match Summary

        In a thrilling Serie B showdown, Pisa welcomed Reggiana to their home turf in a match that promised much intrigue on the 13th of January, 2024. Fans of both sides were on the edge of their seats as the teams battled for dominance under the stadium lights. Despite a string of injuries afflicting both squads, the players on the pitch demonstrated resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Pisa, who were without the services of key players Idrissa Touré, Roko Jureskin, and Matteo Tramoni, hoped to compensate for their absences with a strong collective performance. On the other side, Reggiana's bench also felt the pinch as the injured list comprised Antonio Vergara, the experienced Luca Cigarini, goal threats Stefano Pettinari and Luca Vido, as well as Jacopo Da Riva and Paolo Rozzio.

        The match proved to be a testament to the depth and spirit of both teams, delivering a spectacle filled with tactical skirmishes, near misses, and moments of individual brilliance. With neither side willing to give an inch, the tension only escalated as the clock ticked down. Though the final whistle blew with the crowds expressing their full spectrum of raw emotions, this match will long be remembered for the passion and spirit with which it was contested.

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        Serie B Standings

        • 13
          6 W
          14 D
          7 L
          30 - 33
          32 pts
        • 14
          7 W
          10 D
          10 L
          33 - 35
          31 pts

        Missing Players - Pisa

        • Roko Jureskin (injury)
        • Matteo Tramoni (injury)

        Missing Players - Reggiana

        • Antonio Vergara (injury)
        • Luca Vido (injury)
        • Stefano Pettinari (injury)
        • Jacopo Da Riva (injury)

        Pisa Lineups

        Starting XI
        • 1
        • 42
          Tommaso Barbieri
        • 4
          Antonio Caracciolo
        • 5
          Simone Canestrelli
        • 19
          Tomás Esteves
        • 8
          Marius Marin
        • 16
          Ádám Nagy
        • 7
          Lisandru Tramoni
        • 27
          Mattia Valoti
        • 32
          Stefano Moreo
        • 17
          Jan Mlakar
        Hjörtur Hermannsson, Nicholas Bonfanti, Ernesto Torregrossa, Idrissa Touré, Leonardo Loria, Emanuel Vignato, Gaetano Masucci, Alessandro Arena, Alessandro De Vitis, Arturo Calabresi, Gabriele Piccinini, Marco D'Alessandro,

        Reggiana Lineups

        Starting XI
        • 22
          Francesco Bardi
        • 31
          Mario Sampirisi
        • 19
          Filippo Romagna
        • 27
          Alessandro Marcandalli
        • 90
          Manolo Portanova
        • 77
          Elvis Kabashi 
        • 42
          Alessandro Bianco
        • 15
          Riccardo Fiamozzi
        • 28
          Janis Antiste
        • 72
          Filippo Melegoni
        • 11
          Cedric Gondo
        Alex Sposito, Paolo Rozzio, Muhamed Varela Djamanca, Luca Cigarini, Giacomo Satalino, Tobías Reinhart, Lorenzo Libutti, Filippo Nardi, Przemyslaw Szyminski, Marko Pajač, Domen Črnigoj, Natan Girma,