Famalicão vs Chaves AI Betting Tips

2 - 2


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Team Performance Insights

Goal Scoring Minutes

    Goal Conceding Minutes

      Pressure Index

        Live Stats

        • 2
        • 56%
        • 14
          Goal Attempts
        • 22
          Shots Total
        • 7
          Shots On Target
        • 13
          Shots Inside Box
        • 9
          Shots Outside Box
        • 15
          Key Passes
        • 17
        • 3
          Yellow Cards
        • 0
          Red Cards
        • 465
        • 68
          Duels Won

        Match Summary

        In a thrilling encounter in Liga Portugal, Famalicão hosted Chaves on a day that promised much and delivered even more. Without any recent matches to set expectations, both sides came into the game looking to make a strong statement. The stage was set on the 7th of January, 2024, for a spectacle of football that would capture the hearts of fans nationwide. Famalicão, with a full squad at their disposal, had the advantage of a complete roster tailor-made for this high-stakes showdown. On the other hand, Chaves felt the absence of Sandro Cruz, sidelined due to injury, but remained determined to rise to the challenge.

        The match unfolded with an electrifying pace, with both teams showcasing their hunger for a win. It was a game of strategy, skill, and sheer willpower, as Famalicão's complete lineup squared off against a Chaves team that refused to let the absence of Cruz dampen their spirit. As the final whistle drew near, with fans on the edge of their seats, it was evident that this match would be remembered for its heart-stopping moments and the unyielding spirit of both contenders.

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        Liga Portugal Standings

        • 8
          10 W
          12 D
          12 L
          37 - 41
          42 pts
        • 18
          5 W
          8 D
          21 L
          31 - 72
          23 pts

        Famalicão Lineups

        Starting XI
        • 31
          Luiz Júnior
        • 22
        • 4
          Enea Mihaj
        • 16
          Justin De Haas
        • 74
          Francisco Moura
        • 28
          Zaydou Youssouf
        • 8
          Mirko Topić
        • 95
          Théo Fonseca
        • 20
          Gustavo Sá
        • 10
        • 29
          Jhonder Cádiz
        Ivan Zlobin, Tom Lacoux, Henrique Araújo, O. Ataide da Silva, Riccieli, Afonso de Oliveira Rodrigues, Otso Liimatta, Mihai Alexandru Dobre, Martín Aguirregabiria,

        Chaves Lineups

        Starting XI
        • 1
          Hugo Souza
        • 77
          João Correia
        • 4
          Bruno Rodrigues
        • 19
          Steven Vitória
        • 33
          Sandro Cruz
        • 7
        • 70
          Hélder Morim
        • 6
          Thibang Phete
        • 28
          Kelechi Nwakali
        • 20
          Rúben Ribeiro
        • 23
          Héctor Hernández
        João Pedro, Paulo Victor, Leandro Sanca, Issah Abass, Pedro Pinho, Carraça, Gonçalo Pinto, João Queirós, Jô,