Telstar vs Jong AZ AI Betting Tips

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Team Performance Insights

Goal Scoring Minutes

    Goal Conceding Minutes

      Pressure Index

        Live Stats

        • 1
        • 49%
        • Goal Attempts
        • 16
          Shots Total
        • 4
          Shots On Target
        • 11
          Shots Inside Box
        • 5
          Shots Outside Box
        • 13
          Key Passes
        • 12
        • 1
          Yellow Cards
        • 0
          Red Cards
        • 424
        • 45
          Duels Won

        Match Summary

        In an enthralling fixture of the Eerste Divisie, Telstar faced off against Jong AZ on the 12th of January, 2024. It was a match with high stakes as both teams were eager to prove their mettle on the pitch. Despite the absence of key players like Nick Twisk from Jong AZ's lineup due to injury, the intensity on the field did not waver. The game was sans the outcomes of their previous encounters as both teams came into it without the precedent of a last match to lean on. The air was thick with anticipation, as supporters of both sides filled the stands awaiting an explosive performance from their beloved teams.

        As the final whistle blew, it was clear that the players had left everything on the pitch, fighting for every ball and chasing every lead with unrelenting determination. The match served as a testament to the competitive spirit of the Eerste Divisie and a true display of the raw passion that fuels the beautiful game.

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        Eerste Divisie Standings

        • 10
          Jong AZ
          16 W
          8 D
          14 L
          62 - 61
          56 pts
        • 17
          9 W
          8 D
          21 L
          47 - 68
          35 pts

        Missing Players - Jong AZ

        • Nick Twisk (injury)

        Telstar Lineups

        Starting XI
        • 1
          Ronald Koeman Jr.
        • 2
          Jay Kruiver
        • 3
          Mitch Apau
        • 4
          Thomas Oude Kotte
        • 8
          Jayden Turfkruier
        • 29
          Peter Guinari
        • 24
          Alex Plat
        • 25
          Danny Bakker
        • 12
          Tom Overtoom
        • 9
          Youssef El Kachati
        • 17
          Zakaria Eddahchouri
        Cain Seedorf, Christos Giousis, Yahya Boussakou, Devon Koswal, Yaël Liesdek, Jorginho Soares, Quinten van den Heerik, Joey Houweling, Alae-Eddine Bouyaghlafen, Tim van de Loo, Mohammed Tahiri, Danzell Gravenberch,

        Jong AZ Lineups

        Starting XI
        • 1
          K. Zeggen
        • 2
          Gonçalo Esteves
        • 3
          Wouter Goes 
        • 4
          Misha Engel
        • 5
          Finn Stam
        • 6
          Enoch Mastoras
        • 8
          Dave Kwakman
        • 7
          Ricuenio Kewal
        • 10
          Kees Smit
        • 11
          Ro-Zangelo Daal
        • 9
          Ernest Poku
        Jurre van Aken, Loek Postma, Sem Dekkers, Arouna Kabba, Nick Köster, Tom Kerssens, Damienus Reverson, Job Kalisvaart, Jayen Gerold,