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2 - 1


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Team Performance Insights

Goal Scoring Minutes

    Goal Conceding Minutes

      Pressure Index

        Live Stats

        • 2
        • 62%
        • 11
          Goal Attempts
        • 19
          Shots Total
        • 8
          Shots On Target
        • 11
          Shots Inside Box
        • 8
          Shots Outside Box
        • 14
          Key Passes
        • 6
        • 2
          Yellow Cards
        • 0
          Red Cards
        • 548
        • 48
          Duels Won

        Match Summary

        In a true football spectacle, FC Twente and AZ clashed on the 13th of January in a match that promised Eredivisie fireworks. The Enschede-based home side, despite missing the presence of their sidelined player, Issam El Maach due to injury, showed no signs of weakness and were determined to capitalize on their home advantage. AZ, on the other hand, was facing a significant challenge with a sizeable list of injured players including Mathew Ryan, Mayckel Lahdo, Sven Mijnans, Mees de Wit, and Sem Westerveld. The absence of these key players meant they had to dig deep to find the right balance and maintain their competitive edge.

        The tension was palpable as fans awaited to see how each team would adjust to their lineup changes and whether FC Twente could exploit AZ's depleted ranks. From the initial whistle, it was a thrilling encounter with both teams exhibiting a strong desire to dominate the field and secure the all-important league points. As the match unfolded, it was clear that this game would be remembered for its intense battles, strategic plays, and the sheer will of the players to rise above the challenges.

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        Eredivisie Standings

        • 3
          FC Twente
          14 W
          5 D
          4 L
          45 - 22
          47 pts
        • 4
          12 W
          6 D
          5 L
          44 - 22
          42 pts

        Missing Players - AZ

        • Hobie Verhulst (injury)
        • Mathew Ryan  (injury)
        • Sven Mijnans (injury)
        • Mees de Wit  (injury)
        • Sem Westerveld  (injury)

        FC Twente Lineups

        Starting XI
        • 1
          Lars Unnerstall
        • 20
          Joshua Brenet 
        • 2
          Mees Hilgers
        • 3
          Robin Pröpper
        • 5
          Gijs Smal 
        • 4
          Mathias Kjölö
        • 14
          Sem Steijn
        • 6
          Carel Eiting 
        • 11
          Daan Rots
        • 27
          Manfred Ugalde
        • 18
          Michel Vlap
        Mitchell van Bergen, Youri Regeer, Ricky van Wolfswinkel, Naci Ünüvar, Alfons Sampsted, Issam El Maach, Alec Van Hoorenbeeck, Younes Taha, Przemyslaw Tyton, Max Bruns, Gijs Besselink,

        AZ Lineups

        Starting XI
        • 20
          Rome Jayden Owusu-Oduro 
        • 30
          Denso Kasius
        • 5
          Alexandre Penetra
        • 4
          Bruno Martins Indi 
        • 18
          David Møller Wolfe
        • 8
          Jordy Clasie 
        • 7
          Jens Odgaard
        • 10
          Dani de Wit
        • 23
          Mayckel Lahdo
        • 9
          Vangelis Pavlidis
        • 19
          Myron van Brederode 
        Wouter Goes , Tiago Dantas , Ibrahim Sadiq, Ruben van Bommel, Jayden Addai, Ernest Poku, Maxim Dekker, Lewis Schouten , Riechedly Bazoer, Mexx Meerdink , Tristan Kuijsten, K. Zeggen,