MrFixit Tips vs. Betlaren: The New Way to Bet on Football

Nov 2, 2020

When people think about betting online, especially on football, they often think of MrFixit. You might have heard of Mr Fixit Tips, Mr Fixits Tips, or just Mr Fixit. This person gives advice to people who like betting. But let's discuss what's good and not so good about MrFixit Tips, and why Betlaren is a cooler choice.

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Photo by Jannik Skorna on Unsplash

What's Cool About MrFixitTips

MrFixit, sometimes called Mr Fix It or Mr FixTips, is really popular for betting advice. The best part is that MrFixitstips talks about lots of sports. This is great, especially for people just starting in betting.

But, There Are Some Problems with MrFixit Tips

Using only Mr Fixit Tips has some downsides. The main problem is the absence of live stats and AI for predictions. These two elements are essential in the fast-paced betting industry of today. Mr Fix It gives football betting tips based on what he thinks, but this isn't always as good or quick as tips from AI.

Also, Mr Fix It Tips don't cover every sport or update tips often. This can be tricky for people who want to bet on less common games or sports. It's also not great for people who want to bet on games that are happening soon.

Why Betlaren is Awesome

Now, let's discuss Betlaren. An amazing choice for AI betting tips and live match stats. Here's why Betlaren is better than Mr Fixit:

  • AI-Driven Predictions: Betlaren uses smart AI to look at tons of data. This means its predictions are more likely to be right and come faster than old methods.
  • Live Stats: Betlaren gives you the latest info on games as they happen. This is perfect for betting while the game is going on.
  • Easy to Use: Betlaren is simple to use, so anyone, no matter how much they know about betting, can use it.


While MrFixit Tips or Mr Fixits Tips is well-known, betting is changing. Betlaren is the new way to bet, with smart AI insights and live data. For people who want to make smarter bets, especially in football leagues like the English Premier League or La Liga, Betlaren isn't just another choice; it's a big improvement over tipsters like Mr Fixit. Check out Betlaren to see how it's changing betting for the better.